Batson Children’s Hospital ER Department Initiates Pediatric Fast Track

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November 10, 2018

Batson Children’s Hospital ER Department Initiates Pediatric Fast Track

JACKSON, Miss. – the Pediatric Emergency Department at Batson Children’s Hospital recently opened the new Pediatric Fast Track, designed to pair low-acuity patients with the care they need in the shortest amount of time. The new service is available from 8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday and noon to midnight on weekends.

According to Dr. Benjamin Dillard, chief of pediatric emergency medicine at Batson, Pediatric Fast Track covers urgent care needs for pediatric patients. “This allows those needs to be met quickly while freeing space for patients with the most acute needs. It also could be a saving of time and possibly money for families and result in a more efficient emergency department.”

The Emergency Department’s medical team determines which patients are eligible for the transfer to Fast Track. Young patients who are not seriously ill or injured and who require a shorter amount of care may be transferred to Fast Track. Ultimately, transfer depends on resources available, the acuity of the child and hours of operation.

The Fast Track area adds three treatment rooms to the existing 23 treatment rooms of the state’s only pediatric emergency department. Currently, the department cares for about 48,000 patients each year.

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