Treat your tootsies to some TLC

By admin
January 02, 2019

Your feet – they are your connection to the ground, your foundation, they help give you balance, and they also are a great reason to buy new shoes. They take a lot of abuse. You might say, they take a pounding every day. So, what do you do for your feet in return? If you are like most of us – you aren’t doing nearly enough. Especially after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, your feet can probably use some pampering. Here are a few tips for pampering your feet and keeping them in tip top shape.

1. Give your feet a comforting soak. In the shower your feet don’t often get much attention so why not give yourself a little footbath? Soak your feet in warm water with a little liquid soap. Dry thoroughly.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize After a soothing footbath or your daily shower, moisturize your feet. During the skin drying winter months, it’s even more important to prevent dry, cracked feet.

3. Treat your feet to a massage Massage your feet with moisturizer (or enlist a kind soul to do it for you). Start by massaging the pressure points on the sole of your foot and applying gentle pressure. Don’t forget the tops of your feet. They deserve a good turn too.

4. Watch those nails Everyone’s nails grow at different speeds, so there’s no set timeframe for when you should trim your toenails. Just keep an eye on how long they are so they don’t start to cause wear to the ends of your socks or rub against your shoes. Always trim straight across.

5. Don’t wear flip-flops and flats all the time Sure it may feel great to slip on your favorite flip-flops or ballet flats but they shouldn’t be your everyday go-to pair of shoes. Flat shoes give no support to your arches and can cause long-term damage to your feet if worn too often.

6. Don’t wear heels all the time Conversely, heels (especially the really high ones) can do quite a lot of damage over time as well. They can cause corns, calluses, neuroma of the foot or hammertoes, as well as back pain. Switch it up and give your feet a break.

7. Put a healthy foot forward Make sure your feet are dry and clean before putting on shoes. Always choose well-fitting, well-constructed shoes, if you want your feet to serve you for a lifetime.

8. Time to put your feet up There’s nothing better you can do for your feet than to take a load off and put them up for a little while. Relax and enjoy. Your feet will thank you.

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