Wellness Meets the Hospitality Industry

By admin
May 18, 2019

It’s time to be thinking about a summer vacation and what kind of accommodations you and your family want during your stay. The features that top your priority list for facilities and amenities should also include your destination’s attention to concerns for cleanliness, safety and environmental air quality.

Think about it. Because hotel rooms are constantly inhabited by new occupants, every aspect of the room should be considered a public space, with similar risks for exposure to contaminants and germs. While hotel staffs may understand the importance of changing the sheets and towels, until recently many have not always thought as much about changing out the air. With only a couple of hours between new and old hotel guests checking in, airborne and surface contaminants are often left behind by previous guests. And, particles from harsh cleaning products also can linger in the air due to the fast turnaround.

For the past several decades many progressive hoteliers have focused on improving their sustainability by practicing conservation of energy, water, and durable goods. But more recently the industry has honed in on the changing expectations of travelers for a cleaner and safer indoor environment. In fact, some of the leading hoteliers in the business, including many Hilton, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Westin, Hyatt, and Embassy Suites locations are embracing a trend toward giving equal attention to providing a healthier, cleaner and more contaminant free environment for their guests, by ascribing to a proprietary system that addresses these concerns called Pure Wellness. The “Pure Room,” has an emphasis on purified air, a hypoallergenic environment, and allergy-friendly bedding, filtered water in the shower and hard and soft surfaces cleaned with natural products designed to fight bacteria.

In an even bolder effort to provide a healthy, allergy-free environment for their guests, some premier hotels now have dedicated entire halls of hypo-allergenic rooms, which not only contain air purifiers, but also are equipped with special linens, soaps and other products designed to limit irritants and triggers within each room. These accommodations assure guests with allergies and asthma that their accommodations will be significantly less likely to trigger their condition.

Hotels subscribing to more stringent environmental quality standards in their rooms also report they are able to maintain a lower level of employee absenteeism from sick days, since the staff is exposed to fewer contaminants and air and surface borne illnesses.

According to Lodging magazine, when a guest walks into a room that has an air purifier, hypo-allergenic bedding and is cleaned with non-toxic products, they can immediately notice the difference in air quality, and recognize the hotel’s commitment to wellbeing.

So when you are searching hotel sites, looking for the best destination for your family to make their home-away-from-home during your summer vacation, look for locations that pay extra attention to your family’s wellness by providing rooms designed to deliver the maximum attention to health, cleanliness and indoor air quality.

To learn more about Pure Wellness and find hotel locations utilizing the system, visit www.pureroom.com.

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