Think real, fresh and local when buying your Christmas tree.

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November 17, 2019

It’s an “age-old” question: Does you family prefer an artificial Christmas tree, a real one that is cut, or a live tree you can plant outdoors after the holidays. Settling this argument is almost as treacherous to a couple just starting out as, how many children do you want or do you prefer cats or dogs. The “new age-old” question is: Which kind of Christmas tree is the most environmentally friendly or kinder to the planet.

Besides the environmental question, there are a number of factors that come into play when families weigh the pros and cons of each kind of tree. What is your family tradition? Which is most economical? How long do you like to keep your tree up – from Thanksgiving to New Years Day or only for a few days before Christmas? Does anybody in the family have allergies to a particular species of Christmas tree? Each family has to make their own call about what works best for them, but if the decision falls toward the real, cut or live side of the spectrum, here’s another consideration: what about buying a Christmas tree from a farm close to home?

When trying to find the perfect Christmas tree this season, look no further than to one of Mississippi’s 26 Christmas tree farms. Every year, Mississippi’s Christmas tree farms grow thousands of Christmas trees, from the popular Leyland cypress to the Eastern red cedar. These farms provide a festive atmosphere, often including wagon rides, hot chocolate, and the pleasure of cutting your own tree. More than just a place to by your Christmas tree, these farms offer an experience, where families can create fond memories and start family traditions.

Buying from one of Mississippi’s Christmas tree farms is a good choice economically and environmentally. Here are some of the benefits to buying real Mississippi Christmas trees:

  1. • They’re biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  2. • Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and dangerous toxins in the air.
  3. • They protect water resources, prevent erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife.
  4. • Each acre of growing Christmas trees produces enough oxygen daily for 18 people.
  5. • More than 500,000 acres of Christmas tree farms across North America produce enough oxygen for 9 million people.
  6. • Buying Christmas trees from local farms cuts down on CO2 emissions by eliminating the need for the trees to be shipped from long distances requiring significant amounts of fuel.
  7. • Buying fresh and local when it comes to choosing your real Christmas tree also supports the local economy.

After Christmas, when it’s time to take down your tree, check for resources in your local community where Christmas trees can be converted to mulch or compost. Or, if you have wooded or natural areas on your property, your tree can find a new home as shelter for small creatures such as rabbits, and birds.

To find a Mississippi Christmas tree farm in your area visit

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