One of our favorite parts of bringing Well-Being to our readers is having the chance to tout the many ways Mississippians are contributing to the advancement of health and healthcare research. Too often we just hear the negative statistics about our state and our health status but that is far from the whole story. One of Mississippi’s standouts that we are very pleased to call attention to is The MIND
Beware the Striking Danger How to Avoid the Hazards of Summer Lightning
Beware the Striking Danger How to A...

By Jim Pollard, Public Affairs Manager, American Medical Response Central Mississippi Lightning is one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena – and

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Why everybody’s talking about TURMERIC
Why everybody’s talking about TUR...

It seems everybody is talking about turmeric, a golden spice widely known for its use in Indian, African and Asian

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Reading on the RUN
Reading on the RUN

Listening to music while you run, walk briskly or engage in other forms of exercise can benefit your workout by

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The Goat’s Milk Secret to Healthy Skin
The Goat’s Milk Secret to Healthy...

Who would ever have suspected when you look into the inquisitive face of this cute little milk goat, that she

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Keeping Latchkey Kids Safe
Keeping Latchkey Kids Safe

Kids are back at school now and for many that means they will be going home to an empty house.

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Pack a Greener Lunch
Pack a Greener Lunch

Did you know that the average school generates as much as 20 tons of waste per year. Here are some

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September 22nd 2018

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in the news Surgeon General Visits Mississippi to Discuss Measures to Stem the Opioid Crisis
Posted Fri 07/6/2018 12:14PM

JACKSON, Miss. – Dr. Jerome Adams, the nation’s 20th U.S. Surgeon General visited Mississippi in May to bring the message read more »

Good News for Some Breast Cancer Patients – No Chemo Needed
Posted Fri 07/6/2018 11:46AM

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A major international study recently concluded that many women with early-stage breast cancer who normally would receive read more »

Entergy Warns of Electrical Safety Hazards Around Docks and Marinas
Posted Fri 07/6/2018 11:40AM

JACKSON, Miss. – As a part of its outreach and education efforts to promote electrical safety and prevent injuries and read more »

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