In many cultures elders are held in high regard and are treated with great dignity and respect. In some ways this deference to older generations was a practical matter. It made sense to assume the most senior members of the family had experienced more of life and likely had developed more wisdom and insights into how to deal with its challenges. They also held a treasure trove of information about
Understanding Young-Onset Parkinson’s Disease
Understanding Young-Onset Parkinson...

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is often thought of as an “old person’s disease,” but up to 10% of all cases are

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Diet & Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Diet & Age-Related Macular Degenera...

Despite the fact that age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss among people age 50 and

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Getting FITT? Get Your Zzzs
Getting FITT? Get Your Zzzs

Why sleep is a critical part of your fitness regimen By Brian B. Parr, Ph.D., ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist,

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Ever dream of lying on a sunny beach and breathing in the smell of salt air when a cold or

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Marking the Milestones of Baby’s Speech Development
Marking the Milestones of Baby’s ...

A baby’s first sounds are usually loud and clear and they express very effectively (although nonverbally) what they want us

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How to Make Your Summer Greener
How to Make Your Summer Greener

Plant a garden or buy local produce. Growing a garden is such a fun and rewarding way to spend some

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June 17th 2018

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in the news MSMOC to Host 2018 Sports Screenings
Posted Sun 05/6/2018 7:57PM

JACKSON, Miss. – On Saturday, May 12 Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center will hold FREE Sports Screenings at the read more »

St. Dominic’s and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MS Announce Telehealth Partnership
Posted Sun 05/6/2018 7:53PM

Flowood, Miss. – St. Dominic Hospital and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi (BCBSMS) announce their partnership to deliver read more »

Number of Opioid Prescriptions Drops in 2017
Posted Sun 05/6/2018 7:48PM

There is a glimmer of hope with regard to the U.S. opioid crisis. In 2017, the number of prescriptions for read more »

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