I usually try to focus on pleasant topics for my “Message,” but sometimes it’s more important to give attention to a subject that is so tragic, we don’t want think about it until it’s too late. The truth is, more than 50 children died in hot cars in 2018, making it the deadliest year on record. Many of these cases involved a parent, grandparent or childcare worker who unknowingly left
Weight Loss After Menopause: Why is it so hard?
Weight Loss After Menopause: Why is...

Around the time you hit your mid- to late-forties you probably started noticing something different about your body. Even when

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STOP: Give food cravings the brush-off.
STOP: Give food cravings the brush-...

The aroma of chocolate chip cookies, the thought of a juicy burger with a side of fries, or the dream

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Put stress and anxiety on the run…literally!
Put stress and anxiety on the run...

Most of us are aware of the benefits of regular exercise for improving fitness and fighting disease – but did

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Treat your tootsies to some TLC
Treat your tootsies to some TLC

Your feet – they are your connection to the ground, your foundation, they help give you balance, and they also

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Reading Matters
Reading Matters

Reading is a skill that is fundamental to your child’s education and forms the foundation of every other learning skill

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Essentials of a Wildlife Garden
Essentials of a Wildlife Garden

As more and more of our natural areas disappear and make way for human habitation or agricultural uses, butterflies, songbirds

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June 17th 2019

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in the news Families First Support Helps Advance Mississippi Literacy
Posted Sat 05/18/2019 9:15PM

JACKSON, Miss. – Families First for MS, along with MS Community Education Center, has partnered with the MS Community College read more »

UMMC Offers Free Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings for Uninsured/ Underserved Women
Posted Sat 05/18/2019 9:08PM

JACKSON, Miss. – Uninsured and underinsured women ages 21 to 64 can register now for free cervical and breast cancer read more »

U.S. Measles Outbreak Grows
Posted Sat 05/18/2019 9:03PM

JACKSON, Miss. – Since near eradication of the disease in 2000, the number of cases of measles reported in the read more »

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