The Farmstead Egg Guide & Cookbook

By admin
May 16, 2014

By Terry Golson

I have been entertaining the idea of having my very own laying hens for a couple of years now. I have even visited a couple of acquaintances who have chickens in their backyards. I still haven’t made the leap because I’m not sure if our household is ready to take on the extra cost and care. Despite my uncertainty, I indulge in reading books about chickens and eggs and try to buy the freshest eggs I can find.

My latest read is a new release called The Farmstead Egg Guide & Cookbook. Author Terry Golson has been keeping hens for almost twenty years and she gives a basic, yet thorough explanation of what keeping hens entails, including commentary on cost, breeds, the life cycle of chickens, and protecting the flock from weather and predators. I especially liked that Golson also includes tips on buying the freshest eggs and dedicated at least half of the book to delicious recipes. What I found exceptional was her attention to the pros and cons of keeping hens. The Farmstead Egg Guide is a great book for those desiring to know about and have more farm-fresh food in the home.

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