Driven to Garden, and Improve the Health of Natchez Residents

By admin
March 07, 2016


By Jodi Belgard – Natchez resident David Baity is the man behind a new gardening initiative in Adams County.

After having some trouble growing food in his own backyard, he asked his friends and neighbors if they’d share a piece of their land. He didn’t intend to create a community garden – and certainly not 10 community gardens, which is now his plan.

“I had read in the paper (the Natchez Democrat) about Humana’s initiative and what they’re doing in Natchez,” Baity said.

Humana, Inc., has been working in Natchez’s Adams County for more than a year with the goal of creating a healthier Adams County. The Humana 2020 initiative intends to help Adams County become 20 percent healthier by 2020, and it places special focus on Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity – all of which are health issues that could be helped by easy access to fresh food.

Humana and its volunteer network have agreed to work with Baity to get his community gardens growing.

“One way our associates can help Humana achieve this goal is through volunteerism and community involvement, and the Community Garden project provides an excellent opportunity for our associates to work with the people that live in the Natchez community on a project that will directly improve their health,” Humana Associate Well-being Consultant Leslie Clements said.

Currently Baity is working with Humana’s volunteer network to establish a non-profit organization, which would allow local government to make donations.

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