kid’s corner: Nothing Rhymes with Orange

By admin
September 13, 2017


By Adam Rex – Recommended Ages: 5 – 8 years

If you are the fruit that nothing rhymes with, how does that make you feel? Well, it’s a little like being the one picked last for a team, except you never get picked. When a parade of fruit gets together to sing a song about how wonderful they are – and the song happens to rhyme – Orange can’t help but feel left out. After one particularly intuitive Apple notices how Orange is feeling, the English language and some fruity friends begin to be a bit more inclusive.

Nothing Rhymes with Orange is a hilarious but heartwarming story of feeling left out, celebrating difference, and the undeniable fact that nothing rhymes with orange. Adam Rex is the author and illustrator of many beloved picture books and novels, including the New York Times bestseller Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.


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