How We Eat with our Eyes and Think with Our Stomach: The Hidden Influences That Shape You Eating Habits

By admin
January 14, 2018


By Melanie Mühl and Diana von Kopp

Ever wonder why we really eat what we eat? What makes us crash our budget and our diet plan to consume a seductive confectionary? Why does Italian food taste better to Italian music? How We Eat with our Eyes and Think with Our Stomach explores how eating decisions tread the line between conscious and subconscious, and involve all of the senses. Understanding the cause and effect enables us to be more intelligent about food.

With expert insights that draw from psychology, neuroscience, popular culture, and more, we can learn to see the innumerable influences behind our diet and cravings – from the size and color of our plate, to the placement of products in a supermarket, to the order in which we sit when out with friends.

Mühl and von Kopp’s insights open our eyes to a myriad of influences that affect not only our food decisions such as when, where and how much we eat, but that also impact our ultimate satisfaction with the experience.

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