Get ready for fall allergy season.

Get ready for fall allergy season.

It might seem early to start worrying about the miserable days ahead when fall allergies will kick in, but in actuality, it’s just around the corner. Some experts predict that global climate changes, including record high temperatures this year, may even extend allergy season an additional three weeks. Fall can signal a perfect storm for allergy sufferers who find pesky allergens hard to avoid indoors or out. Ragweed pollen is probably Read more »
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July 04, 2016
are we there  yet?

are we there yet?

How to get the most out of your summer road trip. It may have gotten a lot of laughs in the theater or on movie night at home, but nobody wants to experience a “National Lampoon” kind of family vacation. Traveling with the kids can be the trip of a lifetime or a nightmare on the open road, it all depends on your planning, execution, attitude and the ability to expect Read more »
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May 16, 2016
WORDS: The Building Blocks of Baby’s Brain

WORDS: The Building Blocks of Baby’s Brain

It’s easy to take for granted the babbling exchanges between parents and their new babies. Even the most serious of adults can be completely disarmed and find themselves baby talking to beat the band when they are met with the bills and coos of a little one. It’s just infectious silliness, right? Well, not so fast. According to Dana Suskind, M.D., implant cochlear surgeon, even the earliest words and sounds Read more »
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March 07, 2016
Thoughts for De-Stressing the After School Routine

Thoughts for De-Stressing the After School Routine

As much as we would like to, we will never be able to completely prevent the stresses of daily life for ourselves, or our kids. Today’s children often have stress coming from several sources: school; after school activities and sports; peer pressure; the media. It would be nice to think that the home is a sanctuary from the stress of the outside world. But let’s face it, hunger, homework, the Read more »
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January 04, 2016
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September 21st 2018

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in the news Innovative Hip and Knee Replacements Deliver Quality Outcomes and Reduced Costs
Posted Thu 11/16/2017 4:02AM

JACKSON, Miss. – Since 2015, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and its Outpatient Orthopaedic Centers of Excellence have read more »

UMMC Named Baby-Friendly Birth Facility
Posted Thu 11/16/2017 4:00AM

JACKSON, Miss. – University Medical Center was recently awarded the designation of Baby Friendly Birth Facility by Baby-Friendly USA, the read more »

Skilled Nursing Dedicated To Memory Care Now Offered At St. Catherine’s Village
Posted Thu 09/14/2017 10:35AM

MADISON, Miss. – St. Catherine’s Village has announced that skilled nursing dedicated to memory care now is available at the read more »

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