Walk to Beautiful

By admin
March 06, 2015

walk to beautiful

By Jimmy Wayne with Ken Abraham

Jimmy Wayne is a country music singer and songwriter whose songs have reached the Top Ten on the country music Billboard charts since his debut in 2003. Caring for others in need has always been part of Wayne’s message, as with his song “Paper Angels” which was written about the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Wayne was abandoned by his mother at age thirteen but he eventually found the love and stability he needed in the home of Russell and Bea Costner. As Wayne likes to say, Bea “changed every cell in my body.”

In Walk to Beautiful, Wayne not only shares his hard times growing up but also his transformation into an empowered young man. The book also documents Wayne’s 1,700-mile walk across America from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness for foster kids. Wayne has used his music, his fame and his book to promote awareness about the struggles kids face when they are forced to exit the foster care system at age 18. Over the years, Wayne has triumphed over so many obstacles and turned his hurt into a constructive life’s calling. I found inspiration in his story of faith and forgiveness and believe it has the power to inspire others as well.

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