Full: How I Learned to Satisfy My Insatiable Hunger and Feed My Soul By Kimber Simpkins

By admin
July 01, 2015


Full is the poignant story of a woman’s spiritual journey as she recovers from anorexia, eases the emotional pain of her hunger and finds peace through yoga and meditation.

In Kimber Simpkin’s inspiring and captivating memoir, she vividly captures the all-consuming hunger she felt as the result of an eating disorder, and she does it with startling insight, deep emotion and subtle humor. Simpkins finally gets to the bottom of her obsession with food, compulsion to diet and her hate-hate relationship with her body.

Along the way Simpkins realizes her hunger is not simply physical but has it’s origins deep inside her psyche. Once she learns to love herself – body, mind and spirit, she finally frees herself of the prison of self-dissatisfaction.

Full is a story not unlike the stories of so many of us who are our own harshest critics and whose skewed self-perceptions tether us to self-destructive habits. It is a story of one woman’s journey to find fulfillment, which will inspire others to embrace self-acceptance and find true meaning in their lives.

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